Low Wagering Casinos

Wagering requirements aren't all bad, so long as they're reasonable and fair. In the past, many casino bonuses didn't have any wagering requirements, or at least had very relaxed ones, which opened them up to abuse by unscrupulous players. Nowadays however, most casinos have gone the other way and impose totally unfair wagering terms making it virtually impossible to win anything from a bonus. Furthermore, they are often unclear about their wagering terms and withdrawal conditions, and so players are unaware that they exist and worse still unwittingly have their winnings declined.

This is why we believe low wagering casinos deserve a mention on our website. Casino bonuses with low wagering requirements are fair to both the player and the casino. Also, because they have at least some wagering requirements, they tend to be more attractive than those without any wagering requirements.

We tend to class a low wagering requirement as 20X and below. It's not difficult to wager a bonus 20 times over, especially when you play online slots, as their payout percentages are usually in the region of 95%, so for every £100 wagered you can theoretically expect to win back around £95, making your net loss only £5.

So, if you're happy to accept a fair wagering requirement, then check out the low wagering casinos below.  Be reminded though that conditions do apply, and although we've done our best to outline the main terms next to each deal, it's important that you check the T&Cs on the casino's website after clicking through to get the bonus.

Benefits of Low Wagering Casino Bonuses

Every casino should be a low wagering casino (or preferably no wagering). We have to accept that wagering requirements are a necessary evil to prevent abuse of the casino's bonuses and/or free spins, but too many new online casinos these days have gone completely the other way and are inflicting wagering requirements of 50X, 60X, and above on us. These levels of wagering requirement simply aren't justified, or fair, and their sole purpose is to ensure nobody can ever win anything from their bonuses.

Worse still, many online casinos don't make it clear to you about their wagering terms, and so many of us accept bonuses and free spins and enter promotions, thinking we actually stand a chance of winning something. This has lead to some online casino players refusing each and every bonus offered to them, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it shows that claiming these attractive bonuses can lead to more issues and disappointment than what they're worth.

This is where low wagering casinos benefit. Not only do they demonstrate that they're a reputable casino by having fair and low wagering requirements, they also actually offer you their bonuses with the chance of winning something.

As mentioned above, wagering requirements of up to 20X aren't difficult to fulfil, especially when you play slots as they tend to pay out more frequently (unless you're having a bad day). It's quite feasible to start with £100 and wager well over £2,000 during a session. Whether you end up in profit or not depends on you and your gameplay, but at least with low wagering requirements it's easily possible to fulfil them and walk away with your winnings, if you're lucky enough to have some.

It goes without saying that the lower the wagering requirements the better. But often other terms creep in, or the offers aren't as attractive. You'll no doubt have seen some casinos in your time offering £1,000 bonuses, but at the cost of high wagering requirements. Low wagering casinos generally have smaller bonuses than those with high wagering requirements, but what's the point of having a £1,000 bonus if you will never win anything?