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No Wagering Bingo UK

Online bingo is a game enjoyed by thousands of Brits on a daily basis, and there's no shortage of bingo sites to play at! There are literally hundreds of bingo sites out there, all fighting for our attention with 'bigger' and 'better' bonuses than the next bingo site. However, bigger doesn't always mean better, as you may have come to realise when you claim a bonus only to realise that you can't withdraw any winnings won from it due to a breach of its terms and conditions.  

If that sounds familiar, you're not alone.  For years, complaints have been rolling in from players who have been lucky enough to win playing bingo, or slots, off a bonus that was 'gifted' to them by an online bingo site, only to have the winnings confiscated due to them not fulfilling the wagering requirements attached to the bonus.

That's why we've made it our mission to seek out and collate the best UK bingo sites and bonuses with no wagering requirements, so players like us can enjoy bingo and slots without having to worry about winnings being refused. Finally, you get to claim a bingo bonus and keep what you win!

Best No Wagering Bingo Sites

Our pick of the best online bingo sites with no wagering requirements.

With so many bingo sites, offers and promotions scattered all over the internet, radio and TV, it's tricky to know where to play and, more importantly, which deals truly offer real value.  Here at No Wagering we're all about the bonuses and free spins without wagering requirements, but we don't stop there - we also know there's more to a bingo site than just the welcome bonus. Bingo is a fun game that should be shared with others, and there are too many bingo sites out there with empty bingo rooms and, as a result, pitiful prizes.  We also know that bingo just isn't the same without an engaging CM, chat prizes and perhaps a cheeky spin on the side games and slots. 

We've spent hour upon hour auditing, testing and reviewing each and every bingo site added to this website and they are all recommended by us, not only for their fairness and reputation, but also for their community, game variety, promotions and usability. Rest assured that only the very best no wagering bingo sites have made it to this list:-

  1. Heart Bingo Logo

    Heart Bingo

    Play £10, Get £30 Bingo Bonus + 100 Free Spins

    Get bonus
  2. Betfred Bingo Logo

    Betfred Bingo

    £10 Bingo Bonus+ 100 Free Spins No Wagering

    Get bonus
  3. PlayOJO Bingo Logo

    PlayOJO Bingo

    500 Bingo Tickets+ 50 Free Spins No Wagering, No Max Win

    Get bonus
  4. Bet365 Bingo Logo

    Bet365 Bingo

    Spent £10, Get 100 Free Tickets + 50 Free Spins

    Get bonus
  5. Mecca Bingo Logo

    Mecca Bingo

    Spend £10, Get up to £120 on Spin The Reel

    Get bonus
  6. Betfair Bingo Logo

    Betfair Bingo

    Spend £10, Get £40 Bonuses + 100 Free Spins

    Get bonus

Best New Bingo Sites No Wagering

New bingo sites and bonuses with no wagering requirements.

Whether you're looking for a change of scenery, or you're getting tired of the same bingo roomies beating you to the full house, we all need a change from time to time and while there aren't as many no wagering bingo sites as we'd like, there are a handful of new bingo sites and offers popping up without wagering requirements.

The following bingo sites have either recently launched with a wager-free approach or have recently released a new wager-free welcome bonus. Even if you recognise some of these brands, most of the offers are either brand new or are exclusive to us, so you won't find them anywhere else. Note that these offers are only available to new customers, so if you already have an account with any of the bingo sites listed then you won't be eligible for the offer displayed.

  1. MrQ Bingo Logo

    MrQ Bingo

    Free Bingo for 24 Hours Winnings paid in cash

    Get bonus
  2. Lovehearts Bingo Logo

    Lovehearts Bingo

    Deposit £10, Get 1,009 Bingo Tickets + 10 Free Spins

    Get bonus

Best Low Wagering Bingo Sites

The best low wagering bingo sites and offers representing good value and fair bonuses.

Wagering requirements aren't all bad, as long as they're fair. For most operators, wagering requirements are a necessary evil to protect themselves from bonus abuse. However, some wagering requirements are so excessively high they can only have been specifically designed to prevent players from ever being able to withdraw legitimate winnings.  We view this kind of behaviour as deceitful and predatory, as most players will only ever see the huge shiny free bonus and be completely unaware of the terms and conditions attached to it.

In our opinion, a bingo bonus wagering requirement of 4x or below gives players a fair chance of fulfilling the wagering requirement and ending up with enough winnings to withdraw. Furthermore, low wagering bingo bonuses are often more generous than wager-free bonuses because they present a lower risk to the bingo site and so they can afford to give more.

If you aren't opposed to playing through your bonus a handful of times before being able to claim your winnings, then check out the following low wagering bingo sites offering fair bonuses to new players:-

  1. Ladbrokes Bingo Logo

    Ladbrokes Bingo

    Spend £5, Get £25 Bonus Only 2x Wagering

    Get bonus
  2. Buzz Bingo Logo

    Buzz Bingo

    Up to £40 Bonus +200 Slot Spins

    Get bonus

Why choose a no wagering bingo site?

The rapid growth in online bingo over the last decade and the number of bingo sites available to play at has naturally led to increased competition. Virtually every bingo site is fighting for attention with 'bigger' and 'better' bonuses to attract players. However, bigger doesn't always mean better, and hidden away in the small print can be restrictive terms and conditions designed to prevent players profiting from all the 'free money' being thrown about.

Generally, the larger and more generous the offer appears to be, the tighter the terms and conditions attached to it will be. Bingo sites do this to protect themselves, but some conditions are so harsh the bonus may as well just be demo credit, as it would be virtually impossible to ever win anything from it. The most significant and notorious of these bonus conditions are wagering requirements.

Wagering requirements, in a nutshell

Wagering requirements state that a certain amount must be wagered before any winnings derived from a bonus can be withdrawn. In bingo, these wagering requirements can be as much as 20 times the bonus amount, and in casino or slots, they can be as much as 100x and above.

To give you an example, if you received a £20 bonus with 20x wagering requirements, you would have to place over £400 (£20 x 20) worth of bets or wagers before you could withdraw any winnings you might have won from the use of that £20 bonus. Sounds surprising? Well, try applying that to a wagering requirement of 100x - you'd have to place over £2,000 worth of bets to be able to withdraw any winnings! It's quite unlikely you'd be left with any winnings to withdraw don't you think?!

Now, wagering requirements aren't completely bad as a whole, as long as they're fair and justified. The levels of wagering requirements mentioned above are far too severe, and are specifically designed to prevent players 'winning'. Worse still, in the past, these stringent terms were tucked away deep in the middle of the bingo or casino site's confusing and complicated terms and conditions - where only a trained eye would find them. It was only when the player attempted to cash out their winnings that the conditions would be brought to their attention, to their immense disappointment, and their withdrawal would be refused and winnings confiscated.

New rules, new beginnings

Fortunately, that kind of practice doesn't exist these days. Player complaints escalated and in late 2016 the Competitions and Markets Authority began an investigation into whether players were being treated fairly by online gambling firms. The investigation found that players were being lured into claiming bonuses and other offers with little to no chance of winning due to the unfair and overly complex terms and conditions.

In an attempt to eradicate what appeared to be a 'con', the CMA and the Gambling Commission began enforcing the rule that all significant terms and conditions of an offer or promotion should be clearly visible next to every mention of the offer. The move worked in many ways - operators updated their websites and advertisements to ensure they were being transparent about the conditions of their bonuses, and the harsh reality of some of these conditions was scrutinised by players.

Some operators went even further and removed wagering requirements and other limitations from their promotions entirely, and as a result, a new era was born...

The 'No Wagering' era

The attention and success that no wagering bingo sites and casinos gained couldn't be ignored. Other operators followed suit and within a matter of months the entire industry had woken up to the importance of treating customers fairly, reducing wagering requirements, and being more honest and transparent about any significant limitations of their promotions. Finally, players could make more informed choices, and en-masse, they chose to go wager-free.

However, several years have passed since the 'golden era' of 'no wagering', and those brutal wagering requirements have started to creep back in again. The problem with that is that new players to online bingo and slots might not be aware of the choice available to them. They might think that a wagering requirement of 100x is quite normal, and the more accepting players are of those types of offer, the more commonplace they will become.

We aren't calling for an outright ban on wagering requirements; they are a necessary evil in many cases. But, in far too many examples, they have gone well beyond reasonable and are starting to look a lot like a 'con' again. Furthermore, a significant concern was raised by the CMA's investigation, that excessive wagering requirements forced players "to play for longer than they had bargained for before they can withdraw money", and that "players may not be able to withdraw what remains of their deposit, and any winnings, when they want to stop playing".

Benefits of no wagering bingo

As noted above, wagering requirements force us to continue playing beyond a point that might normally be a wise time to stop and cash out. The higher the wagering requirements get, the more the problem worsens. Additionally, the removal of wagering requirements (or even just the lowering of them) removes the most common confusion and complication surrounding bingo bonuses. Players should be able to rely on bingo sites, with whom they are spending their money, to be trustworthy and transparent, and that a free bonus really is that - a bonus, and not a con.

The most appealing aspect of playing bingo with no wagering requirements is, of course, the peace of mind knowing that whatever you win is yours to keep. No further wagering, no confiscated winnings, just cash back in your bank for whatever you choose. That's also why the best bingo sites to win on are those with no wagering. As with all forms of gambling, in reality, the odds are stacked against us, but if we are fortunate enough to land a winner then we all certainly want to lay claim to it!

Best bingo sites to win on with no wagering

The biggest benefit of no wagering bonuses is that any winnings are paid in cash. So, naturally, we all want to know which are the best bingo sites to win on to maximise our chances of bagging a profit.

Bingo is a game of chance. Every player in a bingo game has the same chance as everyone else of having their numbers called. However, aside from the lack of wagering requirements, there are a few more ways to maximise your chances of winning.

Promotions, specials and chat games

All the best bingo sites have regular promotions and specials to keep players engaged and entertained. Some of these promotions could include loyalty rewards just for playing, or weekly specials with guaranteed jackpots and full house prizes. Some of the rewards and prizes on offer can really be quite generous, and far exceed what a standard game of bingo might offer. Some games are even free, such as the Free Form game at tombola bingo where over 60,000 prizes up to £5,000 each are won every week.

Chat games can also offer a nice bonus even if you haven’t won anything in the main bingo game. Get involved in the chat and look out for quizzes, trivia and challenges. Prizes can include cash, bonuses, free tickets and free spins, just by answering some questions. The best bingo sites for promotions, specials and chat games are:-

Avoid over-crowded rooms

The best way to maximise your chances of winning a bingo game is to avoid over-crowded bingo rooms. The more players there are in a game, the more competition there will be and so the less chance there is of a full house or other prize. It’s worth noting however that the fewer players there are in a game, the lower the prize pool typically is.

Ticket price often affects the number of players in a game. Lower priced games tend to have more players, whereas higher priced games have fewer.

Take advantage of free spins offers

Free spins are a type of bonus offered by many bingo sites which can be used on a slot game. Whether you enjoy playing slots or not, if you do get some free spins then it’s always worth using them up as they could land you a nice win.

Slots have the potential to pay out hundreds of pounds from a single 10p spin, if you get lucky. So, if you get free spins then there’s really no reason not to give them a whirl.

For that reason, you might want to choose a bingo site that offers free spins as part of its welcome offer. Here are some suggestions:-

Pros & cons of no wagering bingo bonuses

All bingo bonuses have their pros and cons, and no wagering bingo bonuses are no different. Despite most players preferring bonuses without wagering requirements, they’re not as important to other players due to several reasons - the main one being that they appear to be less ‘generous’.

Most bingo sites shout about their welcome bonuses in a bid to attract new players. They wrap their welcome offers up into an attractive package that, on the face of it, often looks too good to ignore. However, the bigger and better-looking the bonus, the more restrictive the T&Cs usually are. And not many bingo sites shout about their T&Cs.

Bonus conditions help protect bingo sites from significant losses. A bonus is essentially free money given to players, so it’s understandable that they must come with some form of restriction, else everybody would just claim the free money and run!

That’s why no wagering bingo bonuses are often smaller in size, and therefore less attractive and apparently less generous. The lack of wagering requirements means that a bonus too large would expose the bingo site to too much risk. But, by lowering the value of the bonus it can minimise the risk and strike a good balance between risk and reward.

Size isn’t everything though, and no wagering bingo bonuses are actually far more generous than those with wagering requirements. Here’s a number of reasons why…


  1. All winnings are paid in cash - bingo is fun, but we’re also all in it for the winnings. What’s the point of a huge bonus if you can’t win anything from it?
  2. No complicated or restrictive wagering requirements keep track of - it can be very difficult to work out how much you’ve wagered during a session, and how much more is required to fulfil a wagering requirement.
  3. A sign of trustworthiness - large bonuses with high wagering requirements are a predatory tactic designed to deceive players. Fair promotions and bonuses are an indication that the bingo site puts its players over profits, which almost always leads to a better overall experience.


  1. Smaller bonuses - bingo bonuses without wagering requirements are usually smaller in value than those with higher wagering requirements.
  2. Ticket price limitations - no wagering bingo bonuses can sometimes only be used to buy tickets up to a maximum value, usually 10p.
  3. Maximum win cap - some no wagering bingo bonuses place a limit on how much can be won from them. Often there’s no limit, but on occasions it can be as high as £500 or as little as £1, so keep an eye on the conditions.
Pavlos Sideris
by Pavlos Sideris Last updated:

Pavlos's passion for casino games led him to first start working with online casinos over 10 years ago. With extensive industry knowledge, he ensures content is accurate, relevant, and offers across the site present good value to players.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does "no wagering" mean?

    The term "no wagering" means that the bonus or free spins don’t have any wagering requirements attached to them, and so anything you win off the bonus or free spins is yours to keep and winnings are added to your withdrawable balance.

  • What is a wagering requirement?

    A wagering requirement is a condition that online casinos and bingo sites put on their bonuses including free spins, and sometimes loyalty rewards, to prevent players abusing the bonus. In short, it means you have to wager the bonus, prize or free spin winnings a number of times over before you can withdraw any winnings won from using it. Read more about wagering requirements.

  • How are wagering requirements calculated?

    Most casino and bingo sites apply wagering requirements to the bonus amount. So, if you have a £20 bonus with 10x wagering requirement you would have to wager £200 (£20 x 10) in order to fulfil the wagering requirement. Some sites apply wagering requirements to the deposit plus bonus, so if you have deposited £10 and received a £20 bonus with 10x wagering, you would have to wager £300 (£10 + £20 x 10) in order to fulfil the wagering requirement.

  • What does 1x wagering mean?

    If a bonus has a 1x wagering requirement it means you have to wager an amount equal to the size of the bonus before you can withdraw any winnings won from it. So, if you have a £20 bonus with 1x wagering, you would have to wager a total of £20 before you could cash out. Technically, every bonus has a 1x wagering requirement because you have to use it before you can cash out (you can't just withdraw the bonus as soon as you receive it).

  • Do free spins have wagering requirements?

    Not necessarily - there are plenty of no wagering free spins available, however most casino and bingo sites out there will apply wagering requirements to their free spins.  In terms of bingo offers, it's not uncommon to see a bingo bonus (i.e. bingo tickets) combined with free spins. In these cases, the free spins may have wagering requirements even if the bingo bonus doesn't.

  • What are wagering requirements in bingo?

    Bingo wagering requirements tend to be a lot lower than casino wagering requirements due to the odds of winning in bingo being lower overall. The average wagering requirement for a bingo bonus is 4x, which would mean for a £20 bonus you would have to wager a total of £80 (4 x £20) before being able to withdraw any winnings won from it.  Wagering can be performed on any bingo games, and essentially means buying bingo game tickets.

  • What is a 2x wagering requirement?

    A 2x wagering requirement means that you have to wager a total of 2 times the bonus amount before being able to withdraw any winnings won from the bonus.  For example, if you have a £20 bonus with 2x wagering requirement, you would have to wager a total of £40 (£20 x 2) before being able to cash out. Most wagering requirements are applied to the bonus, but some are applied to the bonus amount plus your deposit, so if you deposited £10 and received a £20 bonus with 2x wagering, you would have to wager a total of £60 (£10 + £20 x 2) before cashing out.

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