No Deposit Welcome Offers

No deposit welcome offers aren't as common as other promotions, but they are one of the most popular due to them offering players the potential to win real cash with minimal risk.

Here, we outline the main aspects of these promos, including T&Cs, and what you should realistically expect from a no deposit offer.

Pavlos Sideris
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Understanding No-Deposit Offers

No deposit offers generally require players to register and create an account, but not to deposit any actual cash into it—this is what sets them apart from traditional bonuses, and it’s what makes them so enticing! In return, you can expect to see free spins, bonus credit or sometimes, even both!

Unsurprisingly, no deposit offers are hugely popular, and the casinos are aware of this. Consequently many deals of this type are lower in value than those which require deposits in order to claim. In addition, the terms and conditions attached can prove to be more stringent than usual.

As a result of this, you shouldn't look at these promos as a way of making money, but instead, as a chance to enjoy some risk-free play and try out a new casino site.

Online casinos are very good at spotting bonus scams, so don’t expect to use these deals as part of one—you will most likely end up getting banned from multiple sites.

It’s also worth mentioning that choosing the right promotion for you isn’t as simple as you might think, as personal preferences do come into play. In order to help you find the bonus which ticks all of your personal boxes, we’ve tried, tested, vetted and verified all of the deals on this page. You’re welcome!

Best No Deposit Welcome Offers

The best no-deposit welcome offers with no wagering requirements

You can believe us when we say that these deals are some of the best no deposit offers around! If we approve of a particular offer, that means that we have deemed it to be from a reputable and trustworthy source, and not to contain any unreasonable or excessive terms and conditions.

By maintaining close relationships with the casinos featured on our site, and by weeding out any deals we don’t think are up to scratch, we can be confident that our reputation is sound and our recommendations are solid.

Check out our selection of welcome bonuses which don’t require a deposit. Each and every one is hand picked by our experts to ensure that it’s safe, fair, and offers good value.

  1. PokerStars Casino Logo

    PokerStars Casino

    100 Free Spins No Deposit, No Wagering

    Get bonus
  2. Betfair Logo


    50 Free Spins No Deposit No Wagering

    Get bonus

Best Deposit Welcome Offers No Wagering

The best welcome offers with deposit and no wagering requirements.

Whilst welcome offers with no deposit allow us to try new casinos and games without risking any money, they are hard to come by and usually come with some restrictions including limitations on the amount that can be won with them. Additionally, they can usually only be used on certain games with low odds or RTP (Return To Player).

Welcome offers with deposit and no wagering tend to be far more generous with fewer restrictions, and the choices are huge given the recent explosion of free spins with no wagering. If you’ve exhausted all ‘no-deposit’ options and are ready to make a deposit we can recommend to you a number of approved operators you can trust offering bonuses with no wagering requirements.

The best of these deals have more free spins on offer, no maximum win limits and a wider range of eligible games - so you get more choice, more fun, and still get to keep your winnings.

  1. The Pools Logo

    The Pools

    Stake £10, Get 100 Free Spins on Bacon Banker

    Get bonus
  2. BetVictor Casino Logo

    BetVictor Casino

    Wager £10, Get up to 300 Free Spins No Wagering, No Max Win

    Get bonus
  3. Betfred Casino Logo

    Betfred Casino

    Stake £10, Get up to 200 Free Spins No Wagering, No Max Win

    Get bonus
  4. Betfair Logo


    Get up to 100 Free Spins No Wagering, No Max Win

    Get bonus
  5. PlayOJO Logo


    80 Free Spins No Wagering, No Max Win

    Get bonus
  6. Videoslots Casino Logo

    Videoslots Casino

    100% Bonus + 11 Wager-free Spins on Starburst

    Get bonus

Is a no deposit offer right for you?

There are, of course, certain limitations to all bonuses and because of these, no deposit bonuses aren’t necessarily right for everyone.

To help you decide which is the right type of deal for you, take a look at the following pros and cons.

Pros & cons of no deposit deals


  • There’s no risk involved! This is the main advantage when it comes to no deposit deals, and it’s what makes them so attractive.
  • They’re perfect for trying out new sites, so that newcomers to a particular casino can determine whether it’s a good option for them without spending anything.
  • These deals are super easy to claim.


  • No deposit deals tend to be lower value, just in case you don’t make a deposit and become a regular customer.
  • There are often strict T&Cs which limit how and when a no deposit bonus can be claimed.
  • Expect a limited eligible game selection—you will generally only be able to use your bonus on a restricted selection of games.

What to realistically expect from no deposit offers

You may still be wondering if there’s a catch, and to put your mind at rest the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) works hard to ensure that casinos provide an entertainment service which is tightly regulated, fair, and transparent.

It’s the UKGC’s job to ensure that players have everything they need in order to make informed decisions about how to spend their money—or in the case of no deposit deals, how to spend their time. Rest assured that all casinos we recommend are licensed and regulated by the UKGC and must conform to strict advertising standards, meaning they must be clear and honest in the marketing of their promotions.

Don’t be tempted to abuse bonuses

You shouldn’t expect to get rich from these deals or try to use them as part of an elaborate scheme to beat the system. Think of a no deposit deal as an attractive free sample, one which has a very slim—but real—chance of winning you some money. But remember, the true value lies in getting a taste of something new. And who knows? You might even get lucky!

Historically, some players have managed to beat the system by creating multiple ‘gnome’ accounts in order to abuse these offers and manipulate the casinos. However, those days are long gone. Casinos now have systems in place to spot this sort of activity, and any players deemed to be misbehaving will likely end up banned from their favourite sites altogether.

No deposit bonuses are still a great way to test out a new casino, or a particular game you might have your eye on. They’re also still highly valuable to casinos as a way to bring new players in, even though players may end up pocketing their winnings and never making a deposit.

Would a deposit offer be better?

Now that you’re aware of the restrictions and limitations attached to no deposit deals, you may be wondering whether you might be better off with a standard deposit bonus.

A deposit bonus—especially welcome bonuses—are generally more valuable, but they obviously involve making a deposit in order to claim.

Comparing deposit & no deposit deals

Let’s take a look at an overview of various aspects of deposit and no deposit bonuses, and see how each squares up.

Deposit Bonus No-Deposit Bonus
Bonus value Winner Loser
T&C restrictions Draw Draw
Risk to your cash Loser Winner
Ease to find Winner Loser
Ease to claim Loser Winner
Range of eligible games Winner Loser

Making your final decision

As you can see, with a deposit deal there’s an amount of financial risk involved. However, many people consider the additional risk to be offset by the potential rewards, which can be much greater.

For your efforts, deposit deals may produce bonus credit as well as free spins and help expand your gaming choices. With bonus credit, especially, you can usually play a large selection of slots and even table games as well.

So, if you’re not so risk-averse, if you have a little cash that you can afford to wager with, and if you enjoy the thrill of having some real money riding on the outcome of your gaming, then you might be better off with traditional bonuses such as deposit bonuses, free spins, or even a low wagering casino bonus.

Ultimately, the right type of bonus for you is a personal choice.

Pavlos Sideris
by Pavlos Sideris Last updated:

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