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Exclusive arcade games including unique versions of classic arcade faves, exclusive original games, spins, scratchcards, and even emojis.

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The ever expanding world of Tombola Arcade instant-win games await!

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Tombola bingo needs little introduction, which is why we’re not going to give it one. Instead, we’ll focus on the newest addition to their stable, which is their arcade platform - Tombola Arcade. Naturally it benefits from the expertise and reputation that goes along with the Tombola name.

Their new platform is tailor made for us though, which means it’s also just perfect for you. You see, they’ve distilled everything that we like to see the online gambling industry do at the expense of removing everything we don’t, which can only mean one thing. That’s right, there are no wagering requirements to be found on this site at all. Not only are your free spins free of wagering requirements, but so too are bonuses and, as you know, these are just the kind of things we like.

Unlike your winnings, unfortunately you can’t withdraw the bonus, so you can’t have it all, but Tombola Arcade comes mighty close to offering you just that. As their name suggests, their focus is on arcade games which still incorporate gambling elements, and on allowing you to play for very low stakes if you prefer. 


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  • Tombola Arcade Desktop - Home
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  • Tombola Arcade Desktop - Emoji
  • Tombola Arcade Desktop - Scratch
  • Tombola Arcade Desktop - Bubble 3
  • Tombola Arcade Desktop - Flip
  • Tombola Arcade Desktop - Spin
  • Tombola Arcade Desktop - Spin 2

Platform & Software

Tombola Arcade is unique in the fact that all of their games are built in-house, so you'll only find games unique to Tombola.

Mobile Gaming

Tombola Arcade has a fantastic free app available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play store for Android users. So if you want to continue making the most of Tombola’s unique low stake arcade and slot games then there really is no better way to play! 


What makes this site stand out is all of its games can be played for as little as 5p. That’s right, just 5p, which isn’t enough to buy much of anything these days, but it will get you a play on all of their games, many of which offer top prizes of up to £500. Their spin games – which are their version of slots – also come with bonus rounds, from which you can take even more winnings. They’ve even placed a maximum spend of £1 to play, which helps you gamble responsibly and encourages you to try out more games than you usually would.

You won’t be short of choice either, but these games are far removed from your traditional versions. Yes you’ll find spin, scratch, flip, pick, emoji and bubble games – along with a gaming community for you to interact with – except these have all been developed in-house, using their own software. Variety is the spice of life, and at Tombola Arcade, the games are extra spicy, as you can guarantee you’ll be playing something brand new, but not so dissimilar that you feel lost. 

Promotions & Rewards

Tombola are no stranger to entertainment, and throw a feast of regular and fun promotions for all their players across the Tombola Arcade and Tombola Bingo platforms. 

Promotions are time-sensitive, but at the time of writing they have a handful of promos coming up over the next week offering chances of winning £1,000 for only 1p, a share of £125,000, and £1,000 in travel vouchers! Not bad at all.

Tombola Playmates

Tombola Arcade has a unique ‘Playmates’ feature where players can invite their friends to the site with a completely free £5 bonus to get them started. As a "thank you", the referring player will receive a £20 wager-free bonus when their friends deposit and spend £20. 

Better still, "when they win, you win" - meaning every time one of your Playmates wins £20+ you'll get a real money bonus added to your account of up to £50 depending on the win amount.

Deposits & Withdrawals

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Being an advocate of responsible gambling and fair practice, Tombola has a somewhat stricter approach to deposits and withdrawals than most. The maximum amount you can deposit at any one time is £500, and you cannot make a deposit if you have a balance of £250 or more. Additionally, players cannot deposit more than £500 per week. 

These measures are in place to prevent players overspending and/or play 'getting out of hand'. It is worth nothing though that Tombola's games are all relatively low stake (the maximum bet on one game round is £1) and so players can still expect plenty of game-play action even with the weekly deposit limits.

The minimum deposit is £10, and there is no specific maximum withdrawal amount, although winnings over £20,000 will be sent by cheque.

Debit card withdrawals take 3-5 working days, as do cheque withdrawals.

Tombola don't offer the widest range of deposit/withdrawal methods and are missing PayPal, which is disappointing. However, they don't charge any fees which gets a thumbs up from us.

Licensing & Regulation

Tombola Arcade (and Tombola Bingo) operate under the name of 'tombola (International) Plc' based in Gibraltar with company no. 105556.

They are licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. For players residing in the UK, they are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

Help & Support

Tombola offer several methods of contact and support (see below) and boast some of the fastest response times we've ever seen. Full marks from us.

0800 298 8873
(8s avg. wait time)
[email protected]
(4hrs avg. response time)
4s avg. response time

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