UK gambling outlook for 2024

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Paul Clare
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While there are no certainties in any walk of life, the start of year offers the opportunity to step back, consider the big picture, and think about what the year ahead has in store. And at No Wagering that means us speculating specifically on what's in store for the UK gambling industry in 2024.

With gambling laws currently undergoing substantial change and ongoing scrutiny, a number of studies and analyses conducted recently are helping inform policy-makers. 

This steady flow of market data has revealed a few patterns, suggesting possible trends which may play out over 2024.

Emerging technologies

Artificial intelligence enjoyed immense growth in 2023, and there's no sign of it slowing any time soon. There's a widespread belief that AI has significant implications for the future of the gambling industry. We can expect to see more use in advertising, customer service chatbots, calculating odds, and even in the development of safer gambling tools.

When combined with AI, machine learning algorithms have facilitated more effective targeted marketing and bespoke experiences tailored to the individual player. 

Virtual reality is also likely to receive more attention, potentially enabling players to visit virtual casino environments.

Operators have been increasingly making use of big data (large and powerful datasets) to draw inferences regarding customers, consequently developing more effective marketing strategies. There’s likely to be more of this, with datasets becoming ever more powerful.


Player retention is likely to be a central focus for many operators with competition stiff and player movement between casinos increasingly easy. As a result, marketing budgets may well increase as operators focus on both attracting and retaining players. 

Additionally, operators may need to muster some fresh creative power in order to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, advancements in innovative casino advertising are likely to be on the agenda in 2024.

Marketing is as important as ever to operators, but recent industry consultations have focused on advertising, particularly on social media. It remains to be seen what shape advertising legislation reforms will take.

Gambling Act Review

One change in which we can have reasonable certainty is the progression of the UK’s ongoing legislative reforms, informed by the government’s 2023 Gambling White Paper.

Changes we can expect include the implementation of a per-spin stake limit, most likely to be set at £2 for younger players.

Additionally a mandatory levy for operators to contribute to a fund for gambling help organisations is also high up on the agenda.

Also, measures such as background checks, particularly for the 18-24 age group, are expected, as the government seeks to keep problem gambling at bay.

The broader ramifications of the white paper can't easily be predicted. Though it's fair to say impacts will be varied, far-reaching and will likely influence players, operators, regulators and ultimately the wider economy. 

Up and comers

On a lighter, brighter note, some great new casinos and games have dropped recently, many of which can expect to enjoy a very bright 2024.

For instance, whilst Space Casino has been around since 2019, its popularity may well reach new heights in the coming months, thanks to its attractive, wager-free spin bonuses

Hot Streak Casino, despite being a new kid on the block, has also become a bit of a favourite of ours, with a sleek, mobile-first approach, a rapidly evolving game library, and various no wagering promos.

In terms of games, the popularity of titles like Big Bass Bonanza and Book of Dead is likely to continue, partly because they’ve become go-to favourites for many, but also because they’re often compatible with bonuses, which are a key motivator for players.

But there’s plenty to go around, and newer games, such as Play'n GO’s Return of the Green Knight, are also poised to do well.

Bonuses & other

Bonuses have long been a central part of operators’ strategies, and players love them. However, the Gambling Act Review intends to address the issue of “socially responsible incentives”.

It’s not yet clear what’s in store for bonuses in the future, but, at the very least, research to determine whether different forms of bonuses encourage harmful behaviours, and to what extent, seems likely. And then, ultimately, we can probably assume this will be followed by some kind of legislation. 

Gambling on mobile devices has been rising steadily for a few years, and as phones become increasingly capable and more casinos tailor their offerings to mobile play, this trend is likely to continue.

Security measures are also constantly evolving, with more advanced methods likely to become increasingly commonplace. For example, biometric ID verification could enable players to log in safely and quickly.

In conclusion…

Speculation is speculation, and while there appears to be much that's up in the air about the British gambling industry, there are also clear patterns emerging relating to gambling law, operator trends, player preferences and other aspects of the industry.