Why should you choose a no wagering casino?

Why Should You Choose A No Wagering Casino Hero
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Reasons you should join the no wagering revolution!

If you're a regular online slots player then it's more than likely you know what we're all about here at No Wagering... Fair, honest and transparent no wagering casinos that don't leave players empty-handed.

Perhaps you're new to the world of online casinos? If so you could be forgiven for feeling confused and a little bit lost, there are quite literally thousands of bespoke welcome offers out there available to new players. 

Quite frankly it's a minefield out there. Should you go for a matched bonus, bonus cash, low wagering bonuses or the much loved no wagering bonus? We understand that it can be difficult to know where to start... That's why we've created this handy guide explaining why you should choose a no wagering casino over any other.

What exactly is a no wagering casino? 

Lets start with the basics, a no wagering casino is an online casino that offers new players the opportunity to take advantage of their generous no wagering welcome bonuses. It's as simple as that! 

A no wagering welcome bonus is one that does not require players to play through any restrictive wagering requirements that demands they play through their bonus money a certain number of times in order to withdraw any winnings. 

You might find that casino welcome offers that do have wagering requirements attached to them seem more lucrative in terms of how much they're giving away to new players. Do not fall into this trap! 

The odds of you actually withdrawing any winnings as a result of these huge welcome offers are significantly lower due to the unrealistic wagering requirements, it's certainly doable, but it'll require a lot of patience and a huge amount of luck.

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What are the different types of no wagering casino bonus?

Ultimately, there are a number of different no wagering casino bonuses, each bringing something different to the table. It's important to do your research and differentiate between each one in order to properly work out which one best suits your play style before you sign up to a new online casino and accept their bonus.

1) No wagering deposit bonus

A no wagering deposit bonus is the most common form of no wagering bonus out there. These are bonuses in which a player needs to deposit a certain amount of money into their new account in order to receive a number of free spins. 

If the offer gives players a large number of free spins then they may be required to make several deposits over a certain period of time in order to redeem them all. That said, if it's an offer that gives players a modest number of free spins then it'll likely only require one small deposit to redeem them. 

2) Wager-free casino cashback bonuses

There are a number of no wagering casinos that offer players the unique opportunity to win back a portion of their losses through wager-free cashback. 

The way this works is a portion of the players losses are returned to them after a specific time period, usually a week or month and in some cases even the very next day. 

The amount returned to the player is based upon how much they've lost, so players that are unfortunate enough to have lost a large amount of money can take some solace in the fact that they'll receive some back as cash which they can either choose to reinvest on their favourite slot games or withdraw immediately.

3) No deposit bonuses

No deposit bonuses with no wagering requirements are a firm favourite with many players, this is because they don't require any investment whatsoever! All you need to do to get your hands on a small number of free spins is sign up. Simple!

As unbelievably incredible as these offers are you must understand that they're very rare! If you do come across a no deposit bonus then we'd most certainly recommend grabbing it whilst it's there and making the most of it, they're few and far between and you never might never come across a good no deposit bonus again!

How did no wagering casinos come to be? 

Unfortunately, operators have a history of being on the wrong side of things when it comes to wagering requirements. Back in the early days of casino welcome offers operators were known to unfairly hide key information such as play through requirements deep within their terms and conditions.

Because of these unscrupulous tactics, players often found themselves incensed when they realised they were unable to withdraw any winnings, or even their initial deposit. 

This prompted action by the UK Gambling Commission and the Competitions and Markets Authority who promptly took action and developed the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act 2014. This act forced casinos into becoming significantly more transparent about their welcome offers, clearly displaying how many times over bonus funds had to be played in order for players to withdraw anything. 

Interestingly, this led to much fiercer competition between operators as they each began to drop their wagering requirements in order to attract new players to their sites.

Eventually pioneers such as PlayOJO were amongst some of the very first operators to go completely wager-free, offering players the opportunity to enjoy wager-free spins without the niggling worry of having to play for hours upon hours without any guarantee of ever getting any money out of the casino at all. 

Can you expect more wager-free spins beyond the welcome offer?

One thing we truly love about no wagering casinos is the fact that they're generous by nature. Operators are well aware that there are hundreds, if not thousands of other casinos each player could have chosen instead of theirs, and because of that reason, they like to reward players for their brand loyalty. 

More often than not these rewards arrive in the form of wager-free spins, this might be once you've reached a certain loyalty level, as a prize for participating in a slots tournament or even just for logging into your account on that particular day! 

Ultimately, if a casino is willing to offer players wager-free spins as part of their welcome offer, we believe they're much more likely to give them out to players later on down the line, as opposed to an operator that doesn't offer wager-free spins in the first place.  

Are free spins better than receiving matched deposit bonuses or other offers such as bonus cash?

Some players might find that they'd prefer to receive a matched deposit bonus or bonus cash as reward for signing up to a brand new online casino instead of free spins. However, when you really think about it there are more positives to free spins than you might have initially realised.

Almost every single online slot game offers players the opportunity to trigger that one big lucrative winning spin, or even better an exciting bonus round leading to a nice healthy wad of cash. 

Due to the no wagering aspect of these fantastic offers, any money won from these big wins or bonus rounds can be withdrawn instantly... Ultimately this makes free spins a much better welcome offer when compared with a matched deposit or bonus cash in our eyes.

Which casinos offer the best no wagering bonuses?

Lets be honest, casino bonuses are completely subjective, it's completely down to the individual to find an offer that matches their play-style best. However, what we can do is suggest a handful of the most generous offers from our favourite no wagering casinos. 

If you're looking for a healthy number of free spins from a reputable casino with a sizeable number of online slot games available to play then we'd highly recommend trying Betfair, Betfred, Volt Casino or Paddy Power. However, if none of these take your fancy then head over to our homepage where you'll find an incredible assortment of some of the best offers out there. 

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Frequently asked questions

  • Was sind Umsatzbedingungen?

    Eine Umsatzbedingung ist eine Voraussetzung, die Online-Casinos und Bingo-Sites mit ihren Boni, Freispielen und manchmal Treueprämien verknüpfen, um zu verhindern, dass Spieler den Bonus missbrauchen. Kurz gesagt bedeutet es, dass du den Bonus, den Preis oder Gewinne aus Freispielen mehrmals einsetzen musst, bevor du dir daraus entstandene Gewinne auszahlen lassen kannst. Hier kannst du mehr über Umsatzbedingungen lesen.

  • Was bedeutet „keine Umsatzbedingung“?

    Der Begriff „keine Umsatzbedingung“ bedeutet, dass ein Bonus oder Freispiele nicht mit einer Umsatzbedingung verknüpft sind. Alles, was du mit dem Bonus oder den Freispielen gewinnst, gehört dir und wird deinen auszahlbaren Mitteln gutgeschrieben.

  • Was bedeutet eine Umsatzbedingung von 10x, 30x oder 50x?

    Eine Umsatzbedingung von 10x bedeutet, dass du einen Bonus zehnmal einsetzen musst, bevor du dir damit erzielte Gewinne auszahlen lassen kannst. Falls du einen Bonus von 100 € mit einer Umsatzbedingung von 10x erhältst, musst du insgesamt 1.000 € (100 € x 10) einsetzen, bevor du dir deine Gewinne auszahlen lassen kannst. Analog musst du bei einem Bonus mit einer Umsatzbedingung von 30x bzw. 50x insgesamt 3.000 € (100 € x 30) bzw. 5.000 € (100 € x 50) einsetzen.
  • Was ist eine Durchspiel- oder Einsatzumsatzbedingung?

    Eine Durchspiel- oder Einsatzumsatzbedingung ist ein anderes Wort für Umsatzbedingung. Dies sind Voraussetzungen, mit denen Boni und Freispiele verknüpft sind, um zu verhindern, dass der Bonus missbraucht wird.

  • Kann man in Online-Casinos gewinnen?

    Ja, das kann man, und viele tun es. Die Spiele in Casinos sind Glücksspiele, und wenn dein Glückstag ist, wirst du gewinnen. Aber es ist wichtig anzumerken, dass jedes Spiel im Casino einen Vorteil für das Haus besitzt. Das bedeutet, dass das Casino mit der Zeit immer Gewinn machen wird, was daran liegt, dass die Wahrscheinlichkeiten aller Spiele den Anbieter bevorteilen. Aus dem Grund ist es normalerweise eine gute Idee, sich sein Geld auszahlen zu lassen, wenn man einen gewissen Betrag gewonnen hat, weil andernfalls der Vorteil des Hauses deine Gewinne zu schmälern beginnen kann.

    Wir möchten auch darauf hinweisen, dass manche Spieler in die Falle zu restriktiver Bedingungen tappen, die für manche Casino-Boni gelten. Diese sind so gestaltet, dass die Chancen dafür minimiert werden, dass ein Spieler wirklich etwas mit ihnen gewinnen kann. Du kannst diese Bedingungen normalerweise vermeiden, indem du dich für einen Bonus ohne Umsatzbedingung entscheidest, aber sieh dir die Bedingungen von Boni immer an, bevor du einen abholst.