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No Wagering launched in August 2017 and is aimed at delivering the best and only no wagering casinos, bonuses, free spins and promotions with low wagering requirements.

For years, online casinos have been throwing bigger and "better" bonuses our way, but they haven't come without a price. Hidden away in the small print have also been higher and more restrictive wagering requirements, of which most of us are completely unaware.

The rise in player complaints and refused withdrawals have led players like us to seek out casinos with no wagering requirements, or at least those with low and fair wagering requirements. Wagering requirements are a necessary evil in order to prevent abuse of "free bonuses" and "free spins". However, nowadays we are seeing more and more online casinos launching with more restrictive and complex wagering requirements and terms than the previous. It's time to put an end to brutal and merciless wagering requirements, and reinstate fair policy, trust and transparency.

Making wagering requirements a thing of the past

A recent investigation by the UK Gambling Commission, Competition and Markets Authority and the Advertising Standards Authority concluded that "people aren’t getting the deal they expect from sign-up promotions and operators are unfairly holding on to people’s money".  This refers to wagering requirements, maximum win limits, and other withdrawal conditions which make it difficult for players to claim winnings. High wagering requirements not only prevent players from withdrawing their winnings until they have wagered the required amount, they also force players to continue gambling beyond what would be a responsible and wise time to cash-out their winnings and stop playing. Maximum win limits are often tucked away in confusing T&Cs pages and so players are unaware they exist, until they go to withdraw their winnings and have anything over the limit confiscated.

The investigation resulted in the enforcement of clearly visible terms and conditions of bonuses and other offers, so players are aware of any significant terms such as wagering requirements and maximum win limits before they claim the offer. This is a powerful and long-overdue move by the regulatory authorities, and is a major step towards introducing more transparency in the industry.

As a result of this move, it has become more apparent just how harsh the wagering requirements imposed by some online casinos are; yet they still persist, and they still do their best to not draw our attention to them.

We believe it's time to say "NO" to unfair wagering requirements and overly restrictive terms. Many online casinos and bingo sites already value the importance of fair wagering requirements, and it's only those you'll find on this website, whether they have no wagering requirements at all, or fair and justified low wagering requirements.

Slowly slowly, more operators are coming round to the idea that wagering requirements are problematic, and as soon as they come to the market you can be sure to see them on this website.

Ready to join the fight against wagering requirements?

All you need to do is stick to the operators on our website, and boycott the rest.  We're already reaching out to other casinos in an attempt to convert them, and with your support we'll soon be witnessing a growing trend where casinos compete on favourable terms rather than the size of their bonus.