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Engagement or manipulation? Sight and sound in online slots

The slots market is a competitive, ever-changing one. Every day developers face competitors looking to get an edge on them. They must work every single angle to get some kind of edge. Keeping players engaged.is vital.

This article explores key visual and aural sight elements that influence slot design and play.

Includes: technology, iconography, colour, soundscapes, positive reinforcement, themes and the balance between engagement and manipulation.

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Staying in control

For a small minority of players gambling can develop into a problem, so at No Wagering we keep right up to date with  initiatives that support player safety and responsible gambling

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Industry Thoughts

The UKGC’s Three-Year Corporate Strategy

Damned if they do, damned if they don't. The Gambling Commission (UKGC) can often seem to be in a no-win, or at best no man's land, situation with some of the complex issues they look to resolve and legislate for. At No Wagering we keep a close eye on UKGC statements and initiatives, report on them and offer our perspective.

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