How do online slots tournaments work?

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A full break-down of how slots tournaments actually work

If you're online slots enthusiasts like we are here at No Wagering, you'll be no stranger to slots tournaments, however, if it's something you've not tried before they can be confusing... So we've put together a handy guide to give you the full run-down on what they are and how they work!

Slots tournaments are timed tournaments held by online casinos that players can opt in to, to take on other players for the opportunity to win cash prizes, free spins or exclusive prizes such as holidays and experiences!

The basics of slot tournaments

Players buy into the tournament for a set fee which varies from casino to casino, this is usually the only money players need to spend. Upon buying in players and are given a number of tournament spins to play with. 

When the time comes for the competition to start players must spin the reel on specific game as fast and often as possible in order to win as much as they possibly can within a given time limit. The autoplay and turbo features are more often than not turned off, so it's down to the player to be attentive. 

It must be noted though, any money you do win during the tournament does not get added to your main bankroll, the money is tied to the tournament! 

After the competition ends every player has their winnings counted and a leader board is calculated, players in the top positions win prizes... It really is as simple as that! 

It's well worth looking out for slot tournaments that pay out on a number of positions, as many tournaments offer to pay out on the top 100 places, so even if you don't finish amongst the top players, you'll still receive a prize. 

A handful of wager-free spins on your favourite slot game is certainly better than nothing at all! 

What kind of slots tournaments are available to play?

There are many different types of slot tournament that players can take part in, more often than not the concept remains the same, but there are a few differences between them. Many of the smaller daily and hourly slot tournaments do tend to be freeroll tournaments, this means that players do not have to pay-to-play.

Weekly slot tournaments

These tournaments happen once per week and allow players to buy in ahead of time, the prize pool can paid out in real cash, free spins and luxury items. Prizes can be much bigger for these, this is because thousands of players are buying in.

Daily slot tournaments

These tournaments happen once per day on specific games, more often than not the prize pool tends to be paid out entirely in free spins.

Hourly slot tournaments

These tournaments happen hourly and usually give players the opportunity to win a modest number of free spins.

Promotional slot tournaments

You'll really want to look out for major promotional tournaments. Large scale promotional tournaments usually last as long as a week, month or even several months! They offer players the chance to win expensive prizes such as luxury holidays abroad, cars and money-cant-buy experiences. 

More often than not you'll need to buy tokens that award players a set amount of tournament spins to play with, these usually cost around £1 per token and players are limited as to how many they can buy within a certain time-frame. 

However, assuming a player is opted into take part in a promotional tournament, they can often get these tokens through making a set amount of real money spins.

Where can I play slot tournaments?

There a number of different online casinos that offer slot tournaments to their players, we highly recommend the following:

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  • Are slots tournaments legitimate?

    Taking part in a slots tournament is safe and legitimate and is no different to playing an online slot normally, however, during tournaments, no winnings are made from spins and the game is only played for a set amount of time. 

  • Where is the best online casino to play slots tournaments?

    There are many good online casinos that you can play slots tournaments at, some of the most popular casinos for these include Videoslots, PlayOJO, Buzz Bingo and PokerStars Casino.

  • How much does it cost to enter a slots tournament?

    The cost of entering a slots tournament can vary depending on the overall value of the prize. The standard rule is the higher the prize value, the higher it costs to enter. However, some online casinos will offer bigger prizes at a lower cost of entry if enough people enter the tournament.

  • Is there any secret to winning an online slots tournament?

    Unfortunately, there are no secret methods that can help you win an online slots tournament. Like all casino games, it's a matter of luck. Each and every player that enters the tournament has the same odds of winning or losing.