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Everyone loves a good game of slots, well we certainly do. There's an exhilarating rush in spinning the reels and waiting to see if they're going to land on a combination that brings with it great rewards. It's this rush that keeps players coming back for more, time and time again.

Usually, however, players are only competing against the game itself, without thinking about how other slots players are getting on, but haven't you always wanted to put your slots gaming to the test? Haven't you wanted to see whether your vast experience with them will bring you something more? Or maybe you're completely new to slots and you want something thrilling and challenging to start your gameplay off right? Well, you're in luck because all through this month, Bgo are hosting some slots tournaments which, for a lucky few, will reward players with some glorious goodies. 

In these tournaments, players will go head to head against other players to prove their spinning skills, picking up points along the way which places them on the leaderboard. The top positions on these leaderboards come with some juicy cash prizes which differ depending on the tournament a player enters. Needless to say, there's something for everyone who competes in these tournaments, whether it's a share in a £10,000 prize, or it's simply the thrill of testing your might against other slots players. 

Tournaments to Keep You Spinning!

There are 5 tournaments for players to enter, and each of them has their own entry requirements and prizes. The New Player Battle tournament is perfect for any new players to the casino as it rewards everyone that plays - what better way to start your slots career right? Then you have the bronze tournament which rewards its top 4 players with free spins, the silver that has a jackpot of £500, and the gold which has a grand prize of £1000! For those looking to get that Friday feeling can head over to the Bgo Big One tournament which has a whopping £5,000 grand prize! 

Prizes include cash and mega-spins!

Bgo Big One

  • 1st: £5000
  • 2nd: 2500
  • 3rd: £1000
  • 4th to 153rd: £10

New Player Battle

  • 1st: £250
  • 2nd: £150
  • 3rd: £80
  • 4th: £50
  • 5th: £30
  • 6th to 50th: £10

VIP Bronze

  • 1st: 150 free spins
  • 2nd: 100 free spins
  • 3rd: 75 free spins
  • 4th to 10th: 25 free spins

VIP Silver

  • 1st: £500
  • 2nd: £300
  • 3rd: £200

VIP Gold

  • 1st: £1000
  • 2nd: £500
  • 3rd to 7th: £100

Remember, Bgo has said goodbye to wagering Requirements, so anything you win in these tournaments is yours to keep with no strings attached! 


How To Make Your Way To The Top

When you enter a tournament, players will receive a number of tournament spins to play with, and whatever is won using these spins will be converted into a point score which goes on the leaderboard of that tournament. Prizes will be awarded to the highest-ranking players, which can be anything from the top 3 to the top 150 players depending on the tournament. 

Tournament requirements and schedule

  • New Player Battle - Everyone Wins: Available to new customers of Bgo who have made their first deposit in the last 24 hours. 
  • Daily VIP Bronze: Available 6 pm - 9 pm every day, to all players on Vault Level 2 or above that have deposited in the last 3 days. 
  • Daily VIP Silver: Available 7 pm - 10 pm every day, to all players on Vault Level 10 or above who have deposited in the last 3 days. 
  • Daily VIP Gold: Available 8 pm - 11 pm every day, to all players on Vault Level 20 or above who have deposited in the last 3 days. 
  • Bgo Big One: Available 7 pm-midnight every Friday night, to all players who have deposited in the last 3 days. 

Players will be happy to know that there are no limits on the number of tournaments that can be entered per day. That means if you qualify for each tournament, you can take part! Of course, you can only enter each individual tournament once to keep things fair and fresh.

Most of these tournaments are free to enter, although some, such as the VIP Bronze, have specific entry requirements which must be met. These relate to their VIP programme which you can find more information about at Bgo's website if players haven't already got stuck in. If you'd like to know the specific entry requirement of each tournament, head over to the official tournaments page!


Terms and Conditions

Tournaments are available to new and existing Bgo players that are subject to the qualifying criteria of each tournament. 

Each tournament will state the qualifying criteria or cost before a player participates. 

Qualifying players will receive a set number of tournament spins. Once all spins have been used, the total amount won will be the player's score in the tournament. 

These spins carry no real value and winning are not credited into player's balances. 

Players can qualify for tournaments at any time, however, tournaments are only available to join during the time specified. 

Entry to tournaments will close 15 minutes before the stated time. 

Results of tournaments will only be available to those who have taken part. 

Prizes are rewarded in real cash. 

Check the official tournament page at Bgo to see the different terms and conditions for each one.