Andrew Rhodes confirmed as UKGC Chief Executive

Andrew Rhodes confirmed as UKGC Chief Executive - Banner
Charlie Vogelsang
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Mr Rhodes has been announced as the permanent Chief Executive

After joining the Gambling Commission in June 2021, Andrew Rhodes became the interim chief executive two months after Neil MacArthur stepped down.

It's been announced that Rhodes has been appointed as the Chief Executive on a permanent basis. He was originally supposed to be acting as Chief Executive for 18 months until the position had been filled.

A brief history of Andrew Rhodes

Within the past couple of months, Mr Rhodes spoke at ICE 2022 and at the annual Bingo Association Annual General Meeting 2022. He previously held senior roles at the Department for Works and Pensions, the DVLA and at Swansea University.

During his short tenure as the interim Chief Executive, Rhodes worked with the Government on the Gambling Act Review as well as publishing new rules for at-risk customers.

"Ensure Great Britain's gambling industry is regulated strongly," says UKGC

Commenting on the position, the UKGC said: "Now the Commission’s permanent Chief Executive, Andrew will continue to work closely with chair Marcus Boyle, the Board of Commissioners, and the Commission’s senior leadership team to ensure Great Britain’s gambling industry is regulated strongly and effectively."

The UKGC added: "He will also continue his stakeholder engagement programme with consumers, industry, parliamentarians and those with lived experience."