BGO Offering 50K Free Spins In New Promotion

Pavlos Sideris
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BGO 50k free spins promotional banner

The What

There’s free spins, and then there’s free spins. It looks like there’s little to no difference between the two, but there really is. Let’s put it another way. How do a few free spins sound? Not bad. How about 50,000 free spins then? Now you’re talking.

Actually it’s bgo who are doing the talking, as that’s how many free spins are up for grabs in their latest promotion. Admittedly nobody will be receiving all of them, as that wouldn’t so much be free spins for days as free spins for months. Your eyes would be so dizzy from free spins, it’d be like the whole world had started spinning. Except the world would still not be free.

Along with this positively enormous amount of free spins comes another thing that pricked our ears up – there are no wagering requirements to meet. That’s right, none of those pesky blighters that can ruin not just a promotion, but gambling in general. We approve, and you should too. Not only should you approve, you should also get involved: head over here to try your luck.

The How

This one is about as straightforward as it gets. Each day until Sunday 19 August, just play Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror between 7pm and 10pm to be in with a chance of winning some instant free spins. Got that? Good, as that’s all there is to it.


Terms and Conditions

  • A maximum of 10 free spins will be awarded to a single player each day.

  • Free spins can be used on the Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror game only.

  • They are awarded at random and will expire 24 hours after being awarded.

Pavlos Sideris
by Pavlos Sideris Last updated:

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