Grosvenor Casino offers more than 500 jobs nationwide

Grosvenor Casino offers more than 500 jobs nationwide - Banner
Charlie Vogelsang
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There are more than 500 jobs available

As one of the best low-wagering casinos out there, Grosvenor Casino is a name that is recognised across the industry. It's one of the UK's biggest casino brands hosting land-based casinos and a popular online casino.

The casino brand is giving back to the community by dealing a helping hand to UK job seekers offering more than 500 jobs nationwide to offer people the chance to kick-start their career with Grosvenor.

Available at twelve land-based venues

This is going to be done through a series of gaming academies across twelve of its land-based venues training locals on how to become a croupier and lead table games such as blackjack, poker and roulette games.

The training aims to help aspiring workers learn how to manage the fast-paced nature of casinos by teaching them important terminology and exactly how the games work. People training will also be taught basic maths and will eventually be given qualifications and full-time employment.

"Strong track record for providing training opportunities," says Grosvenor

Sue Price, Head of Table Gambling at Grosvenor Casinos, commented: “We have a strong track record for providing training opportunities for the nation’s job seekers to upskill and join our team.”

“A career as a casino dealer is a highly skilled profession which offers flexible working as well as the chance to travel and work all over the world.”

“Taking place across a number of our casinos, we are determined to offer all applicants of the gaming academies the chance to work for Grosvenor Casinos and become part of the team.”

"A great opportunity," says Grosvenor trainee

“I moved to the UK three months ago and decided to apply to the training programme as I thought this would be a great job opportunity for my future after having worked in a hotel for a couple of months,” added Chun Hei Koo, a 29-year-old Grosvenor trainee from Cardiff.

“So far, our mentor has been fantastic, teaching us every casino game alongside the specific rules in detail, whilst letting us practise as much as possible to get used to all aspects of the job. 

“I hope to start my career with the Grosvenor Casino here in Cardiff and cannot wait to see where this unique opportunity will lead me.”