Online gambling myths: A complete guide

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Sam Gascoyne
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Setting the record straight on common online gambling myths and misconceptions

There are a whole load of online gambling myths and misconceptions out there, some so old that they even that outdate the internet by hundreds of years! 

The online casino industry has suffered from somewhat of a bad reputation since its inception in the late 1990s and early 2000s, this is in part down to unlucky players who have experienced losses at the hands of online slots and other games, however just because certain statements have been repeated time and again doesn't make them at all true. 

Gambling, and online gambling in particular is a lot more legitimate than you may well have first thought... We, the experts here at No Wagering are going to bust some common online gambling myths and set the record straight once and for all.

Myth: Online casino games are rigged

We'll start with the most common online gambling myth, that online casino games are rigged. This could not be further from the truth as long as you're playing at a licensed casino (which you should always be doing, no matter what). 

Online slot game developers such as NetEnt, Blueprint Gaming and Play'n GO are heavily regulated and every single game they produce must be tested for fairness by one of the regulators approved testing houses.

Ultimately powerful computer algorithms defined by complex mathematical formulas are programmed into all online casino games, these third party testing houses will then ensure that the RNG of each game is fair and that outcomes in each betting round are completely random. These tests include a number of different processes that make sure the game's code has no errors, the statistical randomness of results and whether a sequence of results can be replicated and that there aren't any identifiable patterns.

Just like many online casinos display the logo of the regulator at the bottom of their website, you can also look for the logo of the testing house that has tested their games. These could be organisations such has eCORGA, Gambling Laboratories International, iTech Labs or Technical Systems Testing. 

Myth: Online slots games become overdue for a win

A popular myth that many of us are guilty of believing at least once in our lives is that games become overdue a win. This is called 'gamblers fallacy' a feeling that a pay out is due because we've been on the wrong side of a series of losses. When it comes to online slots players may feel they're due a big payout when they've had a number of unsuccessful spins... However it's just as likely that a player could win two back-to-back jackpot payouts as it is they'd lose another 50 spins in a row.

On average most fair online slot games payout on average 96% of the time (Which is what it means when a game has an RTP of 96%), however this doesn't refer to a single play session, it refers to the entire lifespan of the slot. So you wouldn't necessarily receive £96 for every £100 you spend. 

As mentioned earlier, casino games are designed to be completely random, there's no way about it, many players will win, many will lose. Online slots are unpredictable by design and nobody can tell when a win might come, therefore a win cannot be overdue. 

Myth: Online casinos are unsafe to play at

There's no denying that there's somewhat of a stigma around gambling online as opposed to playing in a land based casino. Even despite the fact that some online operators have been around for 20 years there's still a notion that they're unsafe.

Online casinos adhere to incredibly strict security measures and ensure that every single financial transaction that takes place at their site is safe and secure, especially considering they're well aware that they themselves could be a target for unscrupulous individuals. 

Furthermore, all reputable casinos require a license from a trusted regulator depending on the player base they wish to market and offer their services to. For example, if they wish to operate within the United Kingdom they'll require a United Kingdom Gambling Commission license. 

These licenses come with strict stipulations, terms and conditions the operator must meet in order to allow them to operate. Many of the stipulations relate to player safety and ensuring they have the measures in place that mean nobody is at risk. 

Myth: Online slots pay out differently depending on the time of day

This is a myth that comes straight out of land based casinos. Some players believe that slots are programmed to have a much lower winning percentage during peak hours than they do when less players are online, such as in the early hours of the morning. Of course, this isn't true... Casinos profit from players whatever time of day it is, there's no reason to limit payments. 

Ultimately, if this were true patterns would have emerged and players would have taken note and began playing at a certain time themselves... On top of that testing houses would immediately fail a new online slot game if they found any obvious patterns when testing it prior to launch. 

Myth: The more you play, the more you'll win

'You've got to be in it to win it', a common phrase you'll hear everywhere, not just from those playing online casino games. Whilst the phrase is true, playing casino games for a longer period of time doesn't necessarily mean you're likely to win more. This plays into gamblers fallacy we mentioned earlier, no matter how long you're betting for, or the value of your stake, the odds still remain the same as they've always been. 

In fact, the longer you play the more likely you are to end up losing money as the house will always have an edge. Online casino games (especially slots) have the ability to pay out at any given time due to RNG, so don't allow your gambling to get out of hand in the hunt for a big win.

Myth: You'll win more when redeeming big welcome bonuses

This is a myth we're absolutely certain we can debunk... You're not likely to win more money just because you've been given a huge welcome bonus filled with bonus cash. We hear you asking "Bonus cash means free winnings though, right?" WRONG! More often than not generous welcome offers come lumbered with huge wagering requirements. 

Wagering requirements mean that you're going to have to play through your winnings a set amount of times in order to withdraw any funds from your online casino account. We've seen welcome offers giving new players the world, for example £100 bonus cash just for signing up... However this £100 comes with an astonishing 100x wagering requirement. The offer is almost rendered useless as realistically you're not going to manage to wager £10,000 before the funds run completely dry.

That's not to say there aren't a number of fair and honest casinos out there that are handing new players no wagering casino bonuses that offer them a large number of no wagering free spins with no string attached! So to summarise, avoid any big bonuses that come with wagering requirements! It's a myth that you'll win big... However, no wagering casinos give you a much better head start.