Get festive daily prizes with the Videoslots Christmas Calendar

Get festive daily prizes with the Videoslots Christmas Calendar - Banner
Paul Clare
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With Christmas fast approaching, what better way to get in the spirit of things than with the Videoslots Christmas Calendar?

This behemoth of the slots world is offering a daily advent calendar-style promotion in the run-up to Christmas, giving you the chance to win prizes every day until 25 December. To take part, you need to solve the clue to the game of the day, unlock the identity of the chosen game and complete your mission to earn a free spin.

Once you’ve figured out the clue, head over to the game of the day to tackle the designated task. Then, when the threshold has been reached, you’ll be able to take a free spin on the Christmas Wheel of Jackpots to reveal a prize.

The Videoslots Christmas Calendar is fairly straightforward, even if the clues might seem a bit tricky at first. With a bit of luck along the way though, you could be left feeling extra festive this holiday season, courtesy of a win from the Jackpot Wheel. 

So how does the promotion work? And are there any terms and conditions should you be wary of?

How it works

The promotion presents as an advent calendar, with numbered doors representing the days leading up to Christmas Day. Each day, you need to click on the relevant day/date on the calendar to reveal a new clue  a riddle pointing you to the game of the day. Then, simply figure out which game the riddle is referring to, and you’ll know where you need to play to qualify for your jackpot spin. You’ll also be given an additional helping hand with the name of the game developer – and anyone who knows their slots should find these highly solvable. However, be prepared to do some thinking as a few of the clues have been quite tricky so far!

Once you’ve solved the daily clue, you’ll know which slot is game of the day. Each clue contains an achievement you must complete within that game to qualify for your bonus spin on the Wheel of Jackpots – for example, bet £0.10 and spin 50 times. When you’ve passed through this threshold, you’ll be given your free spin for one of the jackpot prizes. Anything you win from the Wheel of Jackpots is withdrawable too, with no further wagering requirements, so it’s definitely the kind of prize you’ll want to win.

You have until 23:59 to complete the daily achievement after you’ve solved the clue to the game of the day, so don’t wait around. The earlier you get cracking, the more chance you’ve got to complete the achievement and move on to your spin of the Jackpot Wheel.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions are always a factor, but in this instance they’re broadly fair and in line with what you’d expect for this kind of promotion. Each daily achievement met delivers one spin of the Jackpot Wheel. You cannot spin the wheel if you already have another bonus in play and you need to have made at least one deposit into your account in order to qualify. Any prizes you win from the Jackpot Wheel are free of any further wagering requirements.

You have 7 days to use any rewards from The Wheel of Jackpots, which begins immediately after the reward is credited to your account. Winnings are transferred directly to your account and can be withdrawn at any time. 

Aside from that, the promotion is open to Videoslots registered players in the UK who are aged 18+. The promotion expires at 23:59 on Christmas Day, 25 December 2023. 

Unlock your festive rewards at Videoslots

The Videoslots Christmas Calendar 2023 is well underway, and with Christmas right around the corner, time is running out to take advantage of this promotion. Luckily, there’s a game of the day every day from now until the big day, so you’ve still got plenty of chances to pick up a spin or two on the Wheel of Jackpots before midnight on Christmas Day.

Remember that anything you win from the jackpots is yours to keep, with no wagering or other restrictions beyond those outlined in the terms and conditions. While it’s always worth reading the T&Cs for yourself, there’s nothing in there that we would consider potentially misleading or unfair for a promotion of this kind.

This is a promotion that poses a bit of a challenge, as well as giving you a shot at some incredible prizes from the Jackpot Wheel.

Unlock your spin of the Wheel of Jackpots with the Videoslots Christmas Calendar 2023