Paddy Power player wins £500k Jackpot from 80p spin

Paddy Power player wins £500k Jackpot from 80p spin - Banner
Sam Gascoyne
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Paddy Power pays out half a million pounds from 80p slot spin

Imagine winning the big jackpot from a single 80p spin... One lucky Paddy Power player did just that, winning 625,000 times his initial stake on Paddy Power's exclusive online slot Castle Pillager. 

The unnamed player from Romford, London, who only signed up to Paddy Power in January, now joins a small handful of legendary punters to land a life changing sum of money thanks to a jackpot slot game.

'I refused to believe it was real' 

It was only a few minutes from when the player began spinning the reels that he hit the monumental jackpot, in an interview with Paddy Power he told them that he couldn't quite believe his luck when the successful spin landed: “I never thought I would ever own a house of my own. This could not of come at a better time and will truly have a massive impact on my life!

“I thought it was a joke on me and refused to believe it was real, I still don’t really!”

How do jackpot slot games work? 

Many online casinos have a healthy number of jackpot slot games, and for good reason! Nothing gets players hearts racing quite like a big fat jackpot. 

Jackpot slots are slot games that allow players the opportunity to win huge sums of money at any given moment during play. Jackpots can either be progressive or non-progressive... There are also other variants such as Daily Jackpots

Progressive slots are where the jackpot prize keeps climbing higher and higher as players spin the reels, as a portion of their bet goes toward the overall prize, on the other hand non-progressive slot games have a fixed prize that does not change. 

It should be noted that progressive jackpots may require the player to wager the maximum amount in order to be in with a chance of winning the progressive jackpot. Usually, in order to get the jackpot prize players will have to win a bonus round which could be something as simple as a scratchcard style game or bonus wheel. Regardless of the method, once you hit that bonus round, you're in the money!

What are the best online casinos for jackpot slot games? 

Last year we wrote an article on which online slot games have the best jackpots, if you're looking for a jackpot slot game to play then we'd certainly recommend giving that a read first.

However, if you're already clued up on jackpot slots and just want one a good, reliable casino with no wagering requirements to play it at then don't worry as we've got the perfect online casino suggestions for ... We can even offer you a selection of fantastic wager free spins on your way.