Major Millions progressive jackpot set to pay millions out any day now

Sam Gascoyne
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Mega Millions progressive jackpot slot

This popular jackpot slot is ready to blow! 

If you're an eagle-eyed slots enthusiast, much like we are at No Wagering, you'll be keeping a close eye on progressive jackpots and whether they're getting nearer to hitting that sweet, sweet jackpot.

If you have been watching them closely you'll have noticed that popular Microgaming slot game Major Millions about ready to blow, having not paid out in over a month! 

What is Major Millions?

Major Millions is a networked progressive slot game, which means regardless of which casino you choose to play this title at, you'll be in with a chance of winning the absolutely massive jackpot prize if you're lucky.

This military themed, millionaire-making slot has been around for quite some years and has gained somewhat of a legendary status amongst players. It has 5 reels, 15 win lines and includes wild symbols and scatters. 

If you're wondering what a progressive jackpot is, or any other terms mentioned above, we'd highly recommend giving our slot game terminology article a read. It'll bring you up to speed with everything you'll need to know about slots!

How do you know the jackpot is going to drop?

Looking at historical data we can see that Major Millions pays out on average every 33 days, usually to the tune of around £1,229,142 on average.

This life changing jackpot win is currently sitting at a cool £1,288,386 and continues to rise steadily, so if you act now you could well be a brand new millionaire! 

Where can I play Major Millions? 

Major Millions is one of the most popular jackpot slots out there, and as a result you'll find it on the best online casinos

If you're not sure where to play this game, why not make try one of the four fantastic casinos below, making use of their generous welcome offers in the process!