Alternatives arise as sports betting markets crumble

Alternatives arise as sports betting markets crumble - Banner
Sam Gascoyne
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Exciting alternatives pop-up as sports betting industry crumbles due to global pandemic

We’re living in a time and age where the only thing that travels faster that a global pandemic is information. By now, you’ve all heard about the huge toll taken by the sports betting industry, due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

It comes as no surprise that the mass cancellation of all sporting events has a huge and direct impact on the sports betting industry and everyone involved in it. If sports betting was one of your favourite pastimes, you’d better start catching up on Belarussian soccer, because they’re the only ones not closing their stadiums (until now, at least).

The world’s current affairs are definitely shifting, and there’s no domain that managed to be unaffected in one way or the other by this biological crisis. In times like these, there will be a lot of changes to the entire online gambling industry as well.

Some much needed good news 

Let’s try to forget about how tough not watching or betting on sports can be, especially since nobody knows when things will get back to normal. You should look forward to new beginnings with brand-new opportunities. No point in staying stuck in the past, or in an uncertain present, right?

Regardless of what you're missing out on, be it the NHL, NBA, MLS or even the start of the Formula One season, there are alternatives out there to keep you entertained from time to time when you're looking for some entertainment.  

There's a surprisingly large variety of games out there that will help in bringing you a little spark of excitement during this tough situation, you could try a reorientation to your favourite operators games and casino page. If you're a newcomer to this corner of your favourite site then we think you'll be very pleasantly surprised by what you discover.

Online slots - A great alternative to sports betting

If you've not tried an online slot game before, where have you been? Gone are the days of carbon copy one-armed bandits with three reels and nothing more.

Nowadays, players are offered a HUGE catalog of exciting slot games filled with fantastic in-game bonus features. These special bonus features are designed to bring a greater level of excitement to players during gameplay, perhaps by significantly upping the amount a player wins, rewarding them with free spins or even paying out an immediate cash sum.

If that wasn't enough to convince you that playing online slots was just as exciting as betting on your favourite Premier League team then how about we introduce you to jackpot slots?

Everybody, and we mean everybody LOVES a good jackpot! The thought of winning a huge life-changing sum of money from one single spin is just too good not to want. There are a number of different jackpot slots available to players, these include:  

  • Progressive Jackpots - Progressive Jackpots are ones that grow as time goes on. Each time a new player spins the reels of a progressive jackpot a small percentage of their bet goes towards topping up the jackpot pot, the more players that play the bigger the prize.
  • Network/Pooled Jackpots - Network/Pooled Jackpots are played on multiple games across a number of different games a casinos. So you could be casually playing your favourite game when an unexpected sum of money drops for you.
  • Local Jackpots - Local Jackpots are those that are site specific, so you have to a member of that specific casino in order to be in with a chance of winning their jackpot.  

Fair, honest and generous welcome bonuses

Another beautiful thing about casinos that have a large number of online slots is of course the welcome bonus, if you're used to placing sports bets you'll be no stranger to these types of bonuses... However, we think you'll find these are even more generous than you've come to expect.

One of the hottest casinos to have caught our attention recently was Piggy Bang. The popular no wagering casino has an impressive catalog of over 2,000 slot titles. Not only do they have an incredibly diverse library, but they also proudly offer players a number of wager-free spins which allow them to keep what they win as opposed to having to play through their bonus with the worry of potentially losing their money before it can be withdrawn.

But there’s actually even more good news in all this cloud of uncertainty. This good news comes from casinos that understand that everybody’s going through a tough time and we should all work together to make this situation pass smooth, soft and easily, with the least number of bad outcomes possible.

Piggy Bang, and a few other operators, also promise to give players money back, every time they make a bet, no matter the outcome. Piggy Bang deserves a special mention here, because it’s been working with a cashback only basis ever since its launch.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you’re getting all your money back if you lose, but you’ll be getting a percentage of your bet, based on the type of game you’re playing. Even so, you’re still be getting more than you would by playing on random casinos that offer you something only when you win, right?